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TWO AUDITIONS for KY Voices Series - Auditions for Talley Road and for Staged Readings

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TALLEY ROAD by Portia Pennington - Talley Road inspired by Chandra J. Walton:  A one-act play about three generations of women bound together by twenty-year-old secrets and memories of men who are no longer there.

 Portia Pennington and her husband Tom landed in Bowling Green thirty years ago with one 6-month old infant in tow. Since then they have raised five children, managed multiple businesses, and fed countless critters of all shapes and sizes.

 Pennington holds her M.A. in Writing from WKU and her M.F.A. in Screenwriting from Spalding University. Her poetry has appeared in the NCTE English Journal and she is the author of Bowling Green Since 1950, a book of historic photographs spanning five decades of Bowling Green history. Her feature-length screenplay, Fighting Words, was a quarterfinalist in the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest in Los Angeles, California. Her feature-length screenplay, Written by Elodia Jane Wilder, was a quarterfinalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, a finalist for the PAGE Fellowship to the Stowe Story Lab, a selected project at the Stowe Story Lab, in the top 15% for the Nicholl Fellowship, and a Top Ten Finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay at Austin Film Festival.

Her one-act play, Talley Road, was written as part of the Kentucky Voices New Works Series at the Public Theatre of Kentucky, where a staged reading was held in 2017.  She wrote and directed, It Depends, a short film, and is the writer and co-producer on Disturbance, a documentary detailing storied of personal loss and resilience in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that screened at the 2018 Louisville International Film Festival.

STAGED READINGS - Want to play a part, but not have to learn all those lines? This production is for you! PTK's KY Voices Playwriting Showcase, featuring staged readings of new plays by KY laywrights, including Chad T. Smith, Allie Thomas, Katie Van Zile, and Tammy Oberhausen.

SHOWCASE DATES: Friday-Saturday, March 29-30, 7:30 pm


THE DINNER CLUB by Tammy Oberhausen
SIMONE, late 30s/early 40s, flaming red hair, job-hopper between jobs, outspoken, fiery, people-person.
ERMIN (pronounced UR-mean), late 30s/early 40s, Mandy’s husband, small business owner, Bosnian immigrant, open, friendly.
JULIE, 40, delicate beauty, stay-at-home mom of 2, smile covers an underlying sadness.
JAMES, early 40s, Julie’s husband, doctor, fancies himself a comedian.
HILLARY, 40, mother of 3, office manager, Julie’s best friend since high school, raising kids on her own because of her husband’s frequent travel.
PETE, early 40s, Hillary’s husband, corporate golf pro whose job is to entertain famous clients, loves to name-drop.
KARISSA, early 30s, flashy dresser, works in public relations, still a party girl, outgoing, extremely confident.
ALEXIS, mid-20s, bank teller, looks exactly like Karissa but with a bland personality. (Played by same actress that plays Karissa.)
RUSSELL, mid-30s, Karissa’s husband, loan officer at a bank, bespectacled, quiet, reserved, rock-n-roller in his younger days.
WAITER, late 20s, tall, dark, handsome.

William Blankenship, 70s. A retired doctor
Carol Jean Blankenship, 70s. William's wife, mother to their 4 children
Belinda Fulton, 40s. Eldest child
Mason Blankenship, 40s. Eldest son
Luke Blankenship, 30s. The baby
Obed Patel, 40s A physician from Pakistan
Nurse/Orderly May be a dual role

WOMB GOOF By Katie Van Zile
MARGOT, MID TO LATE 20’S, Unemployed, moderately directionless but full of enthusiasm. Engaged to Ryan. (It is important for this character/actress to be vaguely Latinx 1/4, 1/2 Mexican is best, but anyone that identifies at Latinx is A-Okay.)
RYAN, LATE 20’S TO EARLY 30’S, Art History Professor. Any ethnicity. Engaged to Margot.

GRAND OLD HOUSE by Chad T. Smith
DR WILLIAM WHITE, mid 70s, Retired Literature Professor, Charming, Old Fashioned, Notoriously Thrifty
CHRISTOPHER BROWN, mid 40s, Real Estate Agent, Personal Assistant to Dr White, engaged to Ryan
RYAN GREEN, late 20s, Manages all housekeeping and gardening at Grand Old House, assists CHRISTOPHER with caring for Dr White, Energetic and No Nonsense, engaged to CHRISTOPHER
HEATHER GREEN, mid 20s, Sister of Ryan, anxious bride to be

KRIS DAVIS, early 20’s, recent college graduate struggling to find themselves and their worth in this new stage of life.
JACK WILSON, mid 20’s, Kris’s significant other, very supportive, Kris’s rock.

Auditions will be cold readings from the scripts.

Earlier Event: February 24
Dial M For Murder
Later Event: March 31